Our Guarantee

"True Blue" Service Guarantee

We pledge to provide honest and precise consultations and friendly service to every single customer we come in contact with. We will never, ever, try to sell a product or service using unethical or "pushy" methods. On the contrary, we don't want to sell you products or services that you may not use, as we firmly believe this reflects poorly on our integrity.

We are not in the sales business, we are in the service business, and we strive to keep this objective
in mind at all times. This means that we will create a custom electronics solution for each and every
customer, based on their desired goals and budget. We will not simply "throw" a product at them and
send them on their way.

We promise to keep our technicians as currently trained as possible, ensuring precise and accurate
answers to your technology & electronics questions. However, if we do not know the answer we will
not make one up, instead we will research it and find the correct answer.

We will do the job right the first time, and provide timely service after the sale.

Finally, we promise to provide our products and services at the highest standards and the best value in the industry, guaranteed.

If for any reason you do not feel we have met these standards, please feel free to contact our company President directly by phone or the following email wayne.mccoy@avtucson.com, and your specific needs will be met promptly.